Signs An Elderly Person Could Benefit From Living In An Assisted Living Facility

Growing older brings a person knowledge and wisdom, but it can also lead to declining health and loss of cognitive clarity. Many elderly people are very independent and want to age in place in their own home, but there usually comes a time when doing so is no longer in their best interest. When this time comes, moving an elderly loved on to an assisted living facility is often the best option. Recognizing the signs that your loved one is no longer in the position to live alone at home is essential. Some common signs that your elderly loved one could benefit from moving into an assisted living facility include:

Worsening Health

Health conditions in elderly individuals are not uncommon. The older a person gets, the more likely he or she is to have one or more chronic health conditions. While some health conditions in the elderly can be managed with medication, other issues can make it unsafe for a person to remain living home alone. A lot of elderly people develop dementia, which can cause them to be unable to take care of themselves. Falling is also a concern for older people. If you see that your loved one's health is worsening, an assisted living facility where he or she will be monitored and cared for may be the best option.

Poor Hygiene

Many elderly people live alone, and eventually, they may no longer be able to perform day to day tasks such as bathing, brushing teeth, toileting on their own, or changing into clean clothing. Few people want to have poor hygiene, but a combination of lack of mobility and the development of dementia can make it difficult for an elderly person to take care of him or herself. At an assisted living facility, residents will have caregivers who will ensure that they are clean, properly dressed, and taken care of.

Money Issues

Another sign that an elderly person should no longer live alone is the presence of money issues. An elderly person may regularly forget to pay bills, which can lead to utilities being turned off or other hassles. An elderly person may also lose the ability to properly manage their money and ensure that they budget properly for food and other household items. Unfortunately, the elderly can also be the targets of scam artists. If you have concerns about your loved one's ability to manage money, a move into an assisted living facility could be a good thing. 

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