Does Your Loved One Need Assistance Due To Mobility Issues? 3 Ideas To Help Your Loved One Bond With Their Live In Caregiver

Your loved one's mobility challenges may make it hard for them to do many of their activities of daily living alone, and bringing in a professional caregiver makes life easier while helping them to stay safe. Finding the right caregiver is the first step toward helping your loved one get assistance from someone who matches their personality, but you also need to think about the transition that occurs once care begins. Having live-in care stay at their home can be difficult for some seniors to get used to at first, and you can use these three ideas to help them start bonding with their caregiver right away.

Involve Your Loved One With Setting Up the Caregiver's Room

Your loved ones live-in care arrangements should include a private space for the caregiver to rest when your loved one is asleep. You can help your loved one start picturing them being there by including them in the preparation of this room. Although the caregiver doesn't require much more than a bed and place to put their things, your loved one might want to add a special touch. A small bouquet of flowers or a piece of wall art are a couple of ideas for having your loved one put a warm welcome in the room that helps them view the caregiver as a companion.

Share Living Tips With the New Caregiver

If you have the opportunity to speak with the new caregiver alone, then make the most of it. During your interview, you might want to let the caregiver know if your loved one has any specific preferences for how they live. For instance, you might want to warn the caregiver that your loved one tends to be protective of a certain object in their home such as their favorite chair. This way the caregiver can avoid inadvertently doing something that irritates your loved one in the first few weeks.

Suggest Activities That They Can Enjoy Together

In addition to helping with your loved one's daily activities, you can also expect that the live in caregiver will want to do fun things to keep your loved one occupied and to stimulate their mind and body. You can help this get off to a good start by sharing some insights into what your loved one enjoys. Consider putting their favorite board game and movies in an obvious spot that the caregiver can see when they plan activities.