6 Standard Nursing Home Benefits

When you look into putting a loved one in a nursing home, it helps to understand what the standard nursing home benefits are so that you know what should just be included in the standard fees and what you should be expected to pay extra for.

1. Private or Semi-Private Rooms

Most nursing homes, as a standard benefit, offer semi-private rooms. With a semi-private room, your loved one will be sharing the space with another individual. In some nursing homes, private rooms, where your loved one has the room to themselves, are standard while in other nursing homes, this is an upgrade that you have to pay for.

2. Three Hot Daily Meals

Nursing homes have to provide their residents with three hot meals a day; this is not something you should pay extra for. In addition to providing three meals a day, the nursing home should provide three meals that fit with your loved one's dietary and health needs. You should not have to pay extra to get custom meals made for your loved one.

3. Medication Management

Next, the nursing home should provide your loved one with medication management. The nursing home will not only make sure that your loved one gets and takes all their medication at the appropriate time of day, but they will also refill your loved one's prescriptions so that they always have access to the medication that they need.

4. Laundry and Housekeeping

As your loved one lives full time at the nursing home and isn't able to fully take care of their own needs, the nursing home should provide laundry and housekeeping as part of their standards of care. They should change your loved one's sheets on their bed at least once a week or sooner if they are soiled. They should keep your loved one's living space and common areas clean.

5. Assistance with Daily Living Activities

Next, the nursing home will help your loved own with daily living activities, such as helping your loved one go to the bathroom, eat, and get some exercise. Your loved one should have all the help they need to get through the day.

6. Access to Therapy

Finally, the nursing home should provide your loved one with access to any therapy they need. Most nursing homes have space within their facility for your loved one to get access to therapy they need.

When it comes to moving your loved one into a nursing home, it is important to understand what is considered standard care in a nursing home. Contact various nursing homes like Cambridge Nursing to learn more about additional benefits.