Senior Living: How to Help a Loved One Transition

Whether your loved one is moving into senior living by choice or they are being guided to this solution for their personal needs, the transition from their home to an assisted living facility or apartment can be hard to take on at once. You can help your loved one transition positively and make the best of their current situation, loving their new life, and enjoying the new things available to them.

Here are ways you can help a loved one transition to senior living. This way, they can feel like they have been heard and they can have a healthy transition that is beneficial for everyone involved in the end.

1. Allow them to bring as much of their home with them as possible

What may help your loved one transition well to assisted living is this: allowing them to take as much from their old life to their new one as possible. If your loved one has pets, for example, or if they love to garden, get them into a senior living facility that allows them to keep their favorite things with them. This way, they can feel more in control and the transition can be much easier for them to take on.

2. Allow them to know what freedoms they are gaining

It's not surprising for those entering a senior living community to assume they are losing out on the freedoms they are accustomed to, particularly if they are leaving their own home as part of this transition. Show your loved one what new freedoms they are gaining, such as closer access to other people, entertainment rooms, less property maintenance, and more time to do the things they'd like to do.

3. Allow them to be part of the process

If your loved one is still able to make many of their own decisions, even if they have left you in charge of most things, you can encourage them to be part of the process of picking their next place to live. This way, they can feel more in control, which will make the transition much easier for them. Have them assist you in the senior living facility choosing and allow them to be part of planning moving dates, picking apartments, and even choosing amenities they wish to have within their budget. The right senior living options will help your loved one feel more at ease and give them peace of mind as they transition into a new chapter of their life.